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Pricing for your Non Medical Private Home Care Start Up Solution is Below

Both Packages has your Complete Start up Business Policies and Procedures in them whether you do it your self or NuLife Senior Care customize it for you. 

    Ways to pay Below

STEP # 1. DIY and Customize your packet to your State Policy and Procedures for your state approval.

Do It Yourself ( DIY)  $600.00

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Non Medical Private Home Care Start Up Your One Stop Solution Is Here

With an aging population, the need for non-medical home care businesses will certainly rise in the future. Have you ever wanted to start your on Private Home Care Business? Thought you would never have the time do so because of your busy life style. STOP Right Here NuLife Senior Care has the Solution for you! Many older people want to remain in their family home as long as they can, so savvy entrepreneurs are rushing in to provide a range of non medical home care services that help them age in place. 

Getting Started

Before you start a non-medical health care business, consider the following:

  • Start strong. "You're dealing with human lives in this business--if you screw up, people won"t refer you again," says Erica Clay co-founder and CEO of New Life Senior Care in Marietta, Georgia. Make sure you make the proper investments in your staff and infrastructure before you take on any clients.

  • Make connections. According to Erica, most of your clients will be referred by word of mouth, health-care providers like assisted living facilities and hospital systems. "The discharge planners need to get patients out of the hospital or rehab quickly," says Erica, who founded the business. "If your response is quick and professional, it helps them get their job done, and they become your champions." Erica says she"s built relationships with discharge planners by saying "yes" whenever they call--even on a Friday afternoon, filling last-minute requests, and by always having a live person on the line to talk to them. Choose the right location. You should balance two factors when locating your corporate offices, Erica says. You want to be in an area affluent enough so that there will be a large number of people who can pay for your services out-of-pocket, but the offices also have to be accessible to the home health-care workers who will be your field staff. Look for a location that is well served by public transportation.

  • Focus your marketing on adult children. Most seniors are unwilling or unable to acknowledge their need for non-medical home care, so don't focus your marketing efforts on them. Instead, develop "thoughtful marketing" strategies aimed at adult children that educate them and help them navigate the maze of long-term care considerations. Your website should be succinct and easy to understand, using fonts and colors that are kind on the older eyes of both the seniors and their children.

  • Have a solid sales team. Erica says that many going into this kind of people business fail because they don't understand the value of a vigorous sales staff. "When the phone rings, there has to be someone there who is comfortable selling the service," she says.

  • Hire the right people. "The most important part of home care is the person you put in the home," Erica says. "You want someone who is hardworking, naturally enthusiastic and solution oriented." 

  • If this is you and you want this type of business as much as Erica founder of NuLife Senior Care did please don't hesitate call us right away to get you started with your private home care solution!

STEP # 2. Let NuLife Senior Care Customize your complete Packet of Policies and Procedures for your State Approval with your company Logo on them. 

Your Customized Solution $865.00

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