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  New Referral Program!


  As a way of thanking our trusted friends, family, clients and business associates,                                we are offering up to $100 for referrals that lead to clients.*

  • Full-time referrals $100 – requires minimal of 24 hrs. per day for 15 days.

  • Part-time referrals $50 – requires minimal of 12 hrs. per day for 7 days.

  • To receive your referral cash gift, provide us with your name and contact information along with the name and contact information of the referred individual.  Also, a potential client can provide us with the individual who referred them for the referral source to obtain the $100 honorarium.  Once the individual becomes a client, as stipulated above, the $100 referral honorarium will be provided.


               *Please note that this offer can’t be used on past clients or with other offers.

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